Bulk 41% protein floating koi food: we sell 3 lb. (coffee can size) for $12.00

Platinum Koi Cuisine:

This is the same great food Kloubeck Koi feeds to its champions - and in 2010 they were the most decorated breeder at the Midwest Pond and Koi Society Show.  The formulation of this food was developed by Myron Kloubeck, with with animal nutritionists and contains Primalac, a probotic that helps their digestion. It is a complete food, that contains all of the vitamins & minerals necessary to keep your Koi healthy.

Cool Weather Formula:

This is a low-protein koi food is perfect for fall & spring feeding. The unique wheat formulation improves digestion while minimizing ammonia excretion; a key advantage during low temperatures when filter performance is reduced.

2#,4# & 8# sizes packaged in heavy foil re-sealable pouch. 33# size is bulk packaged in plastic-lined paper bags .  

High Protein and Cool Weather Pricing:

2# $9.70

4# 19.40

8# $38.80

33# $101.70