Since we are a pretty new outfit, I thought it would be helpful to post customer comments when they have been kind enough to respond to my request for a "report card" about how I did for them.  I look forward to receiving your comments as well!

Sent: Fri, May 6, 2011 8:55:41 PM
Subject: koi novices

Bob and I found Yana on Google looking for koi. What we found was a friendly, caring professional who shared her knowledge and expertise with us. We placed an order with Yana and because of the distance between us our Koi were shipped directly from Iowa. We received them from Fed Ex at the time we were told they would arrive. They were packed well in bags wrapped within an insulation bag. The order was correct and the koi were healthy and as beautiful as their pictures. We were extremely pleased and will order again in the future. As a professional working in a service industry, it was a pleasure to be treated so well. It was a pleasure to work with Yana at the beginning of our Koi pond adventure.

-Phyllis and Bob Friedrich, Sussex, Wisconsin.