Due to my workload with my other business, I will only be open for private sales for the remainder of this year.  The August Sale date has been cancelled.  Hopefully I can arrange some help for next year.

Also this website is not updated very often.  Please see our Facebook Page for koi sale announcements, etc.

...At Midwest Koi we raise and sell koi, sarasa goldfish,(a koi look-alike, much less expensive and don't grow as large - ideal for smaller ponds), and provide koi education, food,and health-related items to our valued customers in Northeast Wisconsin.

We encourage you to visit us with your friends, your spouse, children or grand children and let everyone participate in selecting your fish from our outdoor pond pens.  Its fun!  

What to expect:

We sell all grades of koi, and strive to have great variety in stock at all times.  Let me introduce myself and explain a little about my philosophy. My name is Yana DeMyer;

....I was born in Japan.  Growing up there and in other Asian countries (my dad worked for the American Embassy), for as long as I can remember, there were always koi around.  In one house that we lived in, there was a koi pond right in the living room!  So I have always loved koi, and have spent many hours learning how to take care of them.

Owning koi is called "Koi Keeping", and it is a growing hobby in America. There are very good reasons for this.  Koi are beautiful to look at, and they are relaxing to watch.  Once you get a few water quality parameters down, they are low maintenance, and they are very responsive pets. Who knew a fish could recognize you?  Who knew a fish could grow so BIG and FRIENDLY? That you can hand-feed and pet it?

Are koi expensive?

Most of our fish are beautiful, relaxing, responsive, and most definitely affordable.  However, some of our fish are very high grade and people wonder why they are so expensive. Why are those koi worth more?  Well, you can get puppies at the shelter at a "budget" price, and they make wonderful companions and great pets.  You can also buy purebred dogs from a breeder, and they will bring top dollar.  They have certain qualities that you are looking for, and you could take them to a dog show and compete.  Those that win are worth a lot!  Its the same with koi.  The higher grade fish that I sell are fish that are hand picked, individually, directly from top breeder facilities.  I strive to stock fish that will develop into BIG, impressive fish with great conformation and coloration.  

Thank you and I Hope to see you soon!